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Ordered some beans :D.

Discussion in 'Pot Pro's Live Stoner Chat' started by nizmoKush, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. nizmoKush

    nizmoKush Qualified Live Stoner

    So after the problems I had with my grape kush I decided to kill them well transplanted from dwc to soil and currently they are outdoors. I decided to buy some beans I got myself
    1x cookies kush- barney farm
    1x cherry bomb- bomb seeds
    1x og kush- dinafem
    2x afghani

    I won't grow indoors till I get a led light so this seed will be just stored for a while. Outdoors I still have a couple plants so I should be good i think lol.

    I would appreciate it if any of you guys that have grown some of those strains have some info or links to your journals. Thanks
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  2. paddler54

    paddler54 I Live toke with Friends on the CannaZone Staff Member High Team Pot Pro's High Team

    Hey Nizmo, sorry to hear about your girls. I just had to butcher my poor blueberry to make room for my tangerine dream, so sad bro. I haven't tried any of those strans bro sorry. I am sure some one will stop by and clue you in. We have a few led venders here, you can't go wrong with any of them. Good luck on your grows bro.
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  3. 912GreenSkell

    912GreenSkell Outdoors of the north Staff Member High Team Pot Pro's High Team

    Sorry cant help you on the strains...but cherry bomb has been on my list to try for quite some time!! A good buddy of mine loves their Big Bomb outdoors.

    Edit- Hotbunz has grown out cherry bomb auto a couple of times.
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  4. welshcheese

    welshcheese Welcome to the CannaZone

    ive grown og kush auto by dinafem, it was my most succesfull plant last year,pleasure to grow, very resilient, long lasting head too,i grew easy bud and bluematic by rqs too they was ok daytime smoke and lowryder2 I grew now that was rubbish, I'm wondering wether to mix 4 autos or stick to same genetics on my second grow, I want to stick my bubble kush, moby dick, white widow and jack herer autos in but perhaps the wiser option would be to stick my 4 big bang autos in and try growing an even canopy, any tips, do autos recover from being topped ok.
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  5. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Flying high...

    I wouldn't top the autos. Since they bud based on age, anything you do that slows down it's growth will reduce it's yield.
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  6. Dr. Babnik

    Dr. Babnik Stoned gardener, biochemist. Seminarian, DabChurch

    I use this data base for strain info.


    I just started with photos and have my first seedlings now:
    2 Nigerian Landrace (from Derg Corra Collective)
    2 Sensi Star (Derg Corra from Paradise Seeds Sensi Star 1995 seeds) [reg. seeds]
    2 SexBud (feminized from Female Seeds).

    Waiting for more seeds:
    Granddady Purp Bay Lotus
    Bomb Seeds Atomic
    Bomb Seeds THC Bomb

    I have grown and are growing THC Bomb Auto. It's a good one, so I expect the original photo version to be great. Only Atomic can only be purchased as fem seeds. I hope to get a healthy mother.
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  7. islandgrower

    islandgrower Welcome to the CannaZone

    On another site has a guy who tops his autos around day14 . 3rd or 4th node I will try on my next go around with autos. Did top a cheese auto I have but did it real late. Day 28 or something. Next 2 days had pistils.[​IMG]

    "carpe diem"
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